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Never enough…


Of you I can’t get enough…

There are not enough
not enough
that can fill my cup

Our pleasure feels like memory
while I still hold your lips
in my own
knowing that this moment
is already gone

I can’t hold you tight enough
to make time stop stealing
you from me

Oh my God…I am gonna breakand I don’t know how to stop myself.prayingmeditatingredirecting…all my energiesstill this crazy passioncontinues to resurfacetry as I mightit is pushing to break freeI lay at nighteyes wide openwondering…am I betraying the real me?

Oh my God…
I am gonna break
and I don’t know
how to stop myself.

…all my energies

still this crazy passion
continues to resurface
try as I might
it is pushing to break free

I lay at night
eyes wide open

am I betraying the real me?

It’s okay…


Its ok to cry
its ok to hurt
it means that it was real
and the Love
was of such worth

that it penetrated your heart
passing layers of dry cynicism
regrets and resentments

to the soft center
of your heart
that still held hope
and pure life

its ok to cry
its ok to hurt
because you shared love
…he is not gone
…not yet


missing you
washes over me
like the cold lonely waves
of the ocean at midnight

your warmth still resonates
in my memory

your smile like sunlight
lighting up the barren places
of my soul

His soul was a joyto unfoldhis smilea treasure of happinessand hopehis eyes both innocentand wiseknowing and kindhis desire gave me wingsto fly above grave realities…if only for a little whilewe shared the sameloving smile…if only for a little whileI felt deeply againlike a child

His soul was a joy
to unfold

his smile
a treasure of happiness
and hope

his eyes both innocent
and wise
knowing and kind

his desire gave me wings
to fly above grave

…if only for a little while
we shared the same
loving smile

…if only for a little while
I felt deeply again
like a child

Worn Canvas


I am as much a blank slate
as the day I was born
except that my life canvas
is weathered
and worn

The sun still shines
even if the clouds are grey
and I am unsure what kind
of portrait I will make

Living in uncertainty
is my new reality
or perhaps it was always so
covered by my need
for self control

Sometimes keeping things together means letting go…


…and we kissed

we kissed
my lips were
broken and swollen

until my mouth
parched by passion

Once More

Breathe Jen
just breathe
words will flow again
soul will brim once more

desire will once again
lap at your shores
breath will quicken
nerves will tense

with anticipation
and not pretense
pure emotion without blackened scars
will rivet you once more

on blackened foam
pushed forward on clear waves
you will rise
and open your eyes
to new strangely colored skies

He lingers

Crazy fluorescent emotions
glazed eyes and beating hearts

After midnight confusion
inhibitions that depart

Red rimmed eyes
feign away from dawn

yet he lingers
yet he lingers on…

Making Pretend

Yellow and green
dance in between
lazy eyelids
and self confident smiles

Accents play
and emotions stray
over drinks
and lakeside breezes

Intentions flit
back and forth
reading in between the lines
for what its worth

Is it neither the beginning
nor is it the end
It’s that lovely hour
when we make pretend…

For a woman there is nothing more erotic than being understood.
— Molly Haskell
Blue Light

blue light falls
on your shoulders
water beads on your back
shadows play along
the curve of your lips

the night lulls us
with forgiving darkness
covering our secrets
insulating our desires

Broken Vow

Your fingers once full
Of conversation

Your lips now pause
With hesitation

The flower has wilted
So slightly now

The perfume wanes
Upon a broken vow

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